James Hardie Siding in Edmonton

Your house is the biggest investment of your lifetime: make sure it’s well taken care of! Discover why over 8 million homes across North America chose James Hardie siding and how ABCAN Exteriors can help you achieve the look, resistance and durability your house exterior deserves.


What is James Hardie Siding?
The right siding material can make your home stand out, while protecting it from the premature wear caused by rain, snow or even UV rays. Which is why ABCAN Exteriors only use the most durable, performant and trustworthy brand for all of its siding projects.


With its revolutionary combination of Portland cement, sand and wood fibers created 30 years ago, James Hardie has remained the leader in the fiber cement industry for over five generations. As the number 1 siding brand in North America, it offers some of the best products on the market, masterfully crafted to withstand even the harsh climate of Edmonton and surrounding areas.

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What are the advantages of James Hardie siding?

Performance and durability
Your house’s value may be increasing, but is your exterior hindering its potential? While traditional vinyl or wood sidings are vulnerable to weather changes, James Hardie has invested more than $100M over the years to design the most durable, performant and aesthetically pleasing finish for your house’s exterior. For instance, James Hardie siding is dimensionally stable, which means it won’t contract or expand in response to temperature changes — an attribute most Albertan homeowners appreciate!


Beautiful finishes
James Hardie siding maintains its colour much longer than alternatives such as vinyl (up to 30% longer!), not to mention its overall resistance allows it to keep its fresh look and feel for many years after its installation.


A long-lasting investment
Make the most of your property value with James Hardie products: you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run! These products are specifically designed to withstand not only ordinary wear and tear, but even the harshest conditions. Be it fires, floods or pests, our clients can sleep soundly knowing that they made the best investment to protect their homes.


Important cost savings
Choosing the right siding product is crucial for financially savvy homeowners who want to ensure that their home is well insulated and their energy bills kept to a bare minimum. But James Hardie siding products can do even more for your wallet.


Not only is fiber cement cheaper than wood, it also requires less maintenance than other alternatives. After all, it is moisture-resistant and non-combustible. Not to mention, most of these products do not even require paint, and their ColorPlus finish is guaranteed not to peel, crack or chip. In other words, James Hardie siding is the smartest investment all around for your Edmonton property!

James Hardie, Wood, or Vinyl?

Still unsure whether you should choose Fiber Cement siding for your home improvement project? Here’s how it compares to other materials:


James Hardie VS. vinyl

• Unlike Vinyl, James Hardie siding is non-combustible, and won’t melt when exposed to heat.
• James Hardie’s special colour technology makes your siding less likely to fade, while vinyl easily loses its colour with time, making patch reparations more difficult.
• While Vinyl is prone to chipping, warping and breaking, James Hardie products are more durable and resistant to weather and physical damage.
• James Hardie products are thicker than vinyl, making them look more elegant and polished.


James Hardie VS. wood

• James Hardie’s fiber cement is non-combustible, as opposed to wood siding, which can easily go up in flames.
• Hardie siding protects your home against roting, water damage and mold, which wood unfortunately do not.
• Unlike wood panels, James Hardie panels do not attract pests, as they cannot be eaten by insects or animals.
• Not only are fiber cement products less expensive than wood, they also keep their integrity longer, without splitting or cracking, like wood often does.


ABCAN Exteriors: Experts in Hardie installation in Edmonton and surrounding areas


With its expertise, craftsmanship and best practices, ABCAN Exteriors is the only James Hardie Elite contractor in Northern Alberta. To ensure our clients’ lasting satisfaction, we use only the most durable, performant and long-lasting products, such as Fiber Cement siding or James Hardie soffits and fascia.


At ABCAN Exteriors, we strive to offer our clients the highest level of service, while ensuring that you are supported and well guided through every step of your home improvement or construction project.


We serve multiple areas across Northern Alberta, including but not limited to Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St-Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. Contact us today and get your quote!